Yesterday I received an email (may be from Australia) from an unknown friend who owns a Stathopoulo lute built in 1912. Unfortunately the instrument is lacking the bridge. Because of the missing bridge the message was asking for photographs of Stathopoulo lute bridges.

I was busy at the moment of receiving the message, so  I decided to answer it at a later time.  For a reason I cannot understand, that message disappeared from my computer. Most probably I deleted it by accident. The bottom line is that I can’t reply directly to the unknown friend.

So, I have to apologize for the lost message and publish some pictures of Stathopoulo lutes, hopping that the sender of the message visits my blog regularly.





















These photographs have been published in the Rembetiko Forum by its members alk, atastos and Κώστας Σακελλαρίου respectively.